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Develop HIPAA-compliant apps for scheduling, patient case management, EHR, medical billing, and more with Blaze's no-code platform. Ensure data security and privacy.

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No-Code HIPAA Apps for Healthcare Management

Healthcare innovators trust Blaze for no-code HIPAA-compliant app development. Our platform simplifies the creation of secure apps for appointment scheduling, patient communication, care team collaboration, and EHR integration.

 With Blaze, you can design and deploy custom applications that meet the unique needs of your healthcare organization while ensuring the highest standards of data protection. Embrace the future of healthcare technology and unlock the power of no-code, HIPAA-compliant app development with Blaze.

Rapid Development & Deployment

Accelerate your digital transformation 10X faster

Compliance & Security

Ensure HIPAA compliance and protect sensitive patient data.


Tailor applications to meet the unique needs of your healthcare organization.


Seamlessly integrate with existing healthcare systems and applications.

What Our Customers Have to Say

From startups to Fortune 500s, the world’s most effective teams use Blaze to power their internal apps.

“Blaze's combination of expertise, positive reputation, and cost-effectiveness made them the perfect partner for our needs.”

Nicola Cuthbert

CEO, Tempo

“The accessibility of Blaze’s tool creation has been a phenomenal resource.”

Chris Souza


“We’ve tried a lot of no-code and low-code platforms. Blaze is by far the best and the one we’re sticking with because it’s actually no-code, secure, and HIPAA compliant.”

Jon Maroko

Finance, Kwell Labs

“Blaze allowed us to seamlessly integrate all of our Shopify stores and automated the inventory counting process for us. We now keep track of all inventory on one dashboard.”

John Melizanis


Enterprise Security & Compliance

Blaze is built for enterprise security, compliance, and reliability. From advanced user permissions to HIPAA compliance, our no-code platform enables your scalability with security as a top priority.

Use Cases

Simplify Your Application Implementation

Our turnkey solution takes the complexity out of bringing your application to life.

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