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Blaze is the fast growing no-code platform that’s revolutionizing the way teams build web apps and tools.
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The All-in-One Builder

We give you everything you need to build your tool with no code. Create multiple apps with Blaze and easily connect them together to supercharge your team's processes. And when we say all-in-one, we mean it. Our Implementation Team helps build your app from start to finish so you can focus on growing your business.

  1. Automatically connect into any data source or API

  2. Digitize legacy processes and create interactive workflows

  3. All the functionality of low-code with the exciting ease of no-code

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Supercharge Your Team With Custom Apps & Tools

Don’t want to start from scratch? Enjoy our fully customizable templates and start launching apps like customer portals and internal tools that move your business forward.
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Dashboards & Admin Panels
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Healthcare Apps & Patient Portals
Inventory Management Systems
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Forms & Workflows
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Internal Tools

A.I. Enabled Visual Creator

Leverage Blaze's ChatGPT A.I. system to help you build your app. Make tables that visualize your database, look up data, add forms, and more. You can also easily drag-and-drop pre-made Blaze components to build your app. Use Blaze's no-code database or connect into your own database to create incredible, custom tools. Be the ultimate value-add player on your team without writing any code.

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Easily Bring in External Data

Prebuilt integrations, security and reliability so you don't have to write a single line of code.
No more headaches!
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User Permissions

Blaze gives you full control of who can make changes to your app and any in-app actions. Choose multi-level user roles and decide who can edit data, view data, and trigger workflows. App making collaboration has never been easier.

Leverage our out-of-the-box audit logging capabilities to ensure you always have visibility into who is accessing and making changes to your apps. You can also turn on 2FA and SSO for users.

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Enterprise Security and Scalability

Blaze prioritizes security, which is why we're trusted by Fortune 500s and healthcare organizations. Our system runs on SOC2 certified infrastructure. We're HIPAA compliant, have SSO and 2FA, and a full suite of other enterprise security features.

Blaze enables your app to evolve and scale as your business grows. Connect multiple Blaze apps together and watch them communicate with each other, update and sync data automatically, and seamlessly improve your team's processes.

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The Trusted Choice

Teams trust Blaze because we have a 100% success rate in launching apps. When you choose our turnkey application development solution, our team ensures you have everything to launch your application quickly and effectively. Whether you have a wireframe, mockup, or just a bullet points in a Google Doc, Blaze's in-house Implementation Team will help you fully design, implement, and launch your app.

  1. 10x faster than writing code to build your app

  2. Full setup of your database, third-party integrations, and user permissions

  3. QA and maintenance of your app to keep it updated and secure

  4. Easily make changes on your own without needing an engineer using our intuitive no-code platform

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Latest Blog & News

We love what we do and are creating a variety of resources to make you a superhero on your team! Read our articles to get inspired with what you can build with Blaze.
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