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Blaze AI is the revolutionary way for organizations to create apps and software. Built with the world's most powerful AI system.

Blaze AI Applications

Blaze AI, powered by OpenAI, enables teams to quickly create apps, complex workflows, internal tools, and other business critical software in industries like technology, professional services, healthcare, and more.

inventory management solution
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ShipDudes 3PL Uses Blaze for Inventory Management System and Client Portal

ai no code sales tools
Branch logo

Branch Uses Blaze for Internal Sales Tools That Connect with Their CRM

ai product management automation
Serenity Forge logo Blaze client partner

Serenity Forge, a video game maker, uses Blaze to manage product game keys

Blaze Platform

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no code ai app builder

Blaze Applications

Launch custom applications and tools for your business needs:

  • Inventory Management
  • CRMs
  • Sales workflows
  • Document management
  • Automated invoices
  • Healthcare apps
  • Customer onboarding
  • Contract management

Application Gallery

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Creator Tools

Leverage Blaze's out-of-the-box design tools, user permission settings, pre-built API integrations, and no-code database to create custom apps and tools.

Blaze is HIPAA compliant and offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise security capabilities.

no-code software

AI Platform

Leverage Blaze AI, powered by OpenAI (the system behind ChatGPT), to help you create complex workflows, automatic triggers, custom filters, advanced calculations, and more.

Example prompt: "Blaze AI, check the quantity of existing inventory for this item. Update the inventory after fulfilling the current order. Save this record to the change log page."

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Blaze AI Software

Blaze AI supercharges your ability to create applications, complex workflows, and automated triggers.

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No Code

Build applications with Blaze AI all without writing any code.


Blaze AI quickly learns and adapts itself to understand how best to build features on your application.


Watch Blaze AI build your requests in realtime.


Converse with Blaze AI using text chat.

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