Easily Build Customizable Online Database Software and Apps

Blaze’s no-code platform enables anyone to create a web-based, cloud database in minutes. Access the data from anywhere and build awesome custom apps on top of the database.

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Create a Powerful Online Database

Blaze Tables is an intuitive tool to create your own online database solution, all without writing any code. In only a few clicks, you can setup a database from scratch.

  • Create different kinds of data fields, link records and tables together, and add formulas and equations to your data.
  • Upload existing spreadsheets to easily bring data online.
  • Manage the data all with no-code.

Make Web Apps and Internal Tools on
Top of your Web database

Build all kinds of custom web applications and internal tools that sync directly with your database.
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Create Custom Forms

Collect data in basic forms or choose to create multi-page and multi-step forms that directly add information into your online database. Select the form fields that you want and add styling, texts, and other design elects to your form. Select one of your existing tables in your database and in a few clicks, create a form that links directly that database.

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Add Filters & Advanced Search

Dive deeper into your data with the ability to easily create filters and advanced searches. Set multiple filters, sort data in any way you choose, and group data together. Blaze enables you to connect related data together in your online database and make data relationships clearer. Analyze patterns faster and more easily.

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Custom Dashboard & Reports

With Blaze’s Drag-and-Drop components, build your custom dashboard in minutes, all without code. Easily analyze information in your online database and share them with team members in custom dashboards and reports. Add features like downloading reports and exporting data in your Blaze dashboards.

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Streamline & Automate Flow

Make team collaborations and other workflows more efficient and effective. Streamline and automate manual, repetitive tasks. Create workflows that boost productivity and sync information directly with your database. Set up task statuses, approval workflows, and other automated reminders and notifications to make your operations run smoother and better.

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Make Customer Portals

Create Customer Portals in just minutes. Automatically include relevant information and associated data into a customer’s profile in their portal. Add the customer’s data stored in your online database and connect it into their customer portal. Enabling billing, updating customer info and contact information, and upgrading subscriptions.

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Integrate External Data

Bring in existing data stored in other systems, apps, and cloud databases. Use Blaze to combine and associate data together into one central place. Import data into Blaze or create data connections into external apps that enable you to sync data in realtime. Create powerful custom tools for your team by leveraging any existing service you use with Blaze.

Security and Compliance as Priority

A key advantage of the Blaze Platform is our secure and reliable infrastructure. We’re HIPAA compliant and offer enterprise security features include 2FA, SSO, and audit logs. When you use Blaze as your no-code cloud database solution, you can be confident in knowing that your data is fully secure, backed up, and managed.

Set user permissions and roles to ensure only authorized people have access to specific data. Blaze helps you have peace of mind that your data access and rules comply with regulatory requirements. Learn more about our Enterprise Security Features.

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Learn about the benefits of an
online database

Click on each benefit below to expand on how online databases can impact your organization.

No More Spreadsheet Chaos

Have tons of spreadsheets with countless versions of the same spreadsheet? Eliminate the time you spend trying to reconcile data with an online database. Promote collaboration and data sharing by using an online database as your single source of truth

Improve User Experiences

Delight your prospects, customers, and partners with personalized experiences. Blaze enables you to build unique processes and experiences for your customers so you can increase sales and get more deals done. Unlock new opportunities to engage and upsell throughout the customer journey.

Better Remote Work Capabilities

Digitizing your data and processes enables you to more easily engage with your remote employees and other stakeholders. Hosting your critical data in your cloud database also ensures business continuity in the case of unexpected events that disrupt access to your physical documents.

Empower Your Workforce

Blaze’s intuitive platform can be used by anyone to build custom web apps and tools. Empower your workforce to build technology solutions and improve processes in their day-to-day operations. Create a culture that encourages problem-solving and excellence.

Save on IT Costs

Blaze’s intuitive platform can be used by anyone to build custom web apps and tools. Empower your workforce to build technology solutions and improve processes in their day-to-day operations. Create a culture that encourages problem-solving and excellence.

Beautiful Apps Built by Blaze Customers

Blaze customers are moving their legacy systems into modern web databases and building incredible tools and applications.
healthcare crm
Healthcare Apps

Create HIPAA-compliant patient portals. Turn your patient database into helpful dashboards and reports that your patient can use. Enable your patients to easily onboard to your clinic and track their appointments

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Document Managers

Easily convert your cloud database into a beautiful document manager that enables users to easily lookup, filter, and search for information, videos, and other data.

Online Database FAQs

Blaze is here to help you understand how to make your cloud database more powerful. We’ll answer the most popular questions we get on online databases.
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What is an online or cloud database?

A cloud database is any collection of data, or information, that is specially organized for rapid search, retrieval, and management all via the internet.

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How do you access an online database?

All you need is a web browser and internet access. You can manage your online database easily in platform. You can give different people permission to view or access the data.

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How do you create a web-based database application?

Use Blaze’s intuitive web app builder. Create all kinds of dashboards and apps with your online database. Build customer portals, financial trackers, billing tools, and more.

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How does an online database work?

With Blaze, you can house your database with no code and store your data in one centralized place so you can easily access and update your data.

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What does an online database look like?

A database looks like a bunch of tables with rows and columns. In Blaze, you can easily link and reference information in one database table with another table.

Online database management

How long does it take to setup an online database?

When you use Blaze, it takes less than 3 minutes for you to setup your online database. We take care of all the backend so all you have to do is add data.

Create Online database

How do you make an online database?

You can import your data as a CSV file into Blaze and we’ll turn it into an online database. Or, you can build a database from scratch super easily in Blaze.

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What’s a good online database for beginners?

Blaze is the perfect platform of beginners that want to build an online database. You don’t need to have any programming background and you can build a database in a few minutes.

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What is the best online database software?

Blaze is the best online database software to use if you want everything to be no-code, secure, and scalable. It’s why we’re loved by Fortune 500 companies and startups.