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No-Code Stories

Healthcare Data Management: Bridging Patient Care & Efficiency
Unlock the full potential of healthcare data management. Learn best practices, challenges, and how AI & IoT can revolutionize patient care. Real-world case studies included!
No-Code: The Complete Guide | Blaze
This is your Complete Guide to No-Code. Learn about how to use no-code, its history, and the best no-code tools for different business purposes.
The Inside Scoop: Blaze Acquires No Code No Problem
Blaze, a platform that enables teams to build web applications and internal tools without writing code, acquires No Code No Problem, one of the most popular no-code podcasts and TikTok channels.
Choosing Your Health IT: EHR vs EMR vs PHR
Explore the definitive guide to choosing between EHR vs EMR vs PHR systems for optimal patient data management. Discover how Blaze integrates healthcare IT solutions to enhance efficiency and security, making HIPAA-compliant web app development accessible. Click to learn more!
HIPAA Compliant Messaging App: A Guide to Secure Patient Communication
Discover the best HIPAA compliant texting apps for secure patient communication, optimized for seamless EHR integration. Learn how solutions like Blaze can revolutionize your healthcare communication strategy. Click to explore more.
Mastering Healthcare Inventory Management: A Complete Guide
Learn how to optimize hospital inventory management with customizable software, reducing costs and improving patient care. Ideal for healthcare professionals seeking efficient inventory management strategies.
Healthcare Document Management: A Guide to Streamline Operations
Discover how to transform healthcare operations with our comprehensive guide on Healthcare Document Management. Learn key strategies for streamlining processes, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and enhancing patient care. Explore actionable steps for effective document management and unlock the potential of creating your own web app without coding. Start revolutionizing your healthcare facility's efficiency today with Blaze.
Exploring the Benefits of Document Management Systems
Unlock the key benefits of document management systems in our latest blog. Discover how enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved security can transform your business operations. Dive into practical tips and industry insights to streamline your document workflow and achieve compliance with ease. Perfect for businesses seeking to modernize their document management.
The Essential Guide to Employee Onboarding Automation
Discover the power of employee onboarding automation with our essential guide. Learn how to transform HR efficiency and enhance the new hire experience with Blaze's innovative, no-code solutions. Start your journey towards a streamlined, engaging onboarding process and elevate your team's productivity today!
How to Choose the Right App Development Platform
Discover how to select the ideal app development platform for your business needs. Our guide covers essential factors from user-friendly interfaces to scalability, ensuring you make an informed decision. Dive into our insights on app development today.
Revealed: The Top Alternative to Customer Support Outsourcing
Discover the innovative alternative to outsourcing customer support. Explore how no-code platforms like Blaze transform customer care, offering personalized, efficient solutions for your business needs. Dive into our guide for building in-house tools and AI chatbots to enhance customer interaction and satisfaction. Join us in redefining customer service excellence.
Build a Web App: A Step-by-Step Guide for Modern Businesses
Discover how to build a web app effortlessly with our comprehensive guide. From selecting the right builder to launching your custom no-code app, we cover every aspect of web app development. Ideal for anyone looking to create a web application without having to write a single line of code!
Employee Onboarding Checklist: A Guide to An Efficient Start
Discover the key to successful employee onboarding with our comprehensive guide. Perfect for HR professionals, this article offers expert tips and strategies to enhance your onboarding process, ensuring a smooth start for new hires. Click for invaluable insights and practical solutions!
How to Create Custom Retail Inventory Management Software
Discover how to create custom retail inventory management software that streamlines your store's efficiency. Learn to implement, track inventory, and manage stock levels effectively with our expert guide. Read now for valuable insights and tips!
No Code Automation: How to Streamline Your Business Now
Discover the power of no code automation to revolutionize your business processes! Uncover actionable insights, tips, and best practices to streamline workflows and boost efficiency with our comprehensive guide. Start transforming your operations today!
How Big Is the Software Industry? A Deep Dive
Explore the vastness of the software industry with our in-depth financial analysis. Learn about key segments like enterprise software, SaaS, and no-code platforms like Blaze, revolutionizing the field. Our article "How Big Is the Software Industry? A Deep Dive" provides comprehensive market insights and future predictions.
Scalable Web Apps: How to Build Future-Ready Solutions
Discover how to master the creation of scalable web apps with our step-by-step guide. Learn to build robust applications ready to grow with your business using Blaze's intuitive no-code platform.
What is a Breach in Healthcare? 5 Signs To Watch Out For
Discover the answer to “what is a breach in healthcare” and how to prevent it. Our in-depth guide covers warning signs and provides actionable steps to safeguard sensitive patient data. Stay proactive with Blaze's expert insights.
HIPAA Violation Statistics: Analyzing the Trends and Their Impact
Discover the latest HIPAA violation statistics and how they shape the healthcare industry. Our expert analysis offers actionable insights for safeguarding patient data and enhancing compliance. Click to learn more and strengthen your data protection strategy.
Consequences of Data Breach in Healthcare: Complete Guide
Explore the consequences of data breach in healthcare, and learn how to safeguard your organization with effective strategies and HIPAA-compliant solutions like Blaze's no-code platform.
How to Prevent Data Breaches in Healthcare
Discover how to prevent data breaches in healthcare with our expert guide. Learn essential security practices to protect patient information and uphold trust in your healthcare organization. Read now for actionable tips and insights!
Navigating Healthcare Data Breaches: Expert Strategies and Solutions
Uncover essential strategies to combat healthcare data breaches! Dive into startling statistics, prevention tips, and expert insights in our in-depth article. Click to safeguard your organization and build trust in this era of digital threats.
Security Breaches in Healthcare: A Deep Dive into Healthcare Security Statistics
Discover vital insights into security breaches in healthcare, their impacts, and strategies for robust data protection. Dive into up-to-date statistics and learn how innovative solutions like Blaze are safeguarding healthcare data against evolving cyber threats.
Choosing the Best Web App Development Company: A Complete Guide
Looking for the top-notch web app development company? Discover key insights to choose the right provider and ensure your organization thrives in the digital age.
Unlocking the Top Benefits of Customer Portals for Businesses
Unlock the transformative power of digital customer service with the comprehensive guide on the benefits of customer portals. Dive into how they redefine efficiency, foster relationships, and place clients at the forefront of every digital interaction. Discover why businesses are harnessing these tools for success today!
Achieving Excellence with Customer Support Automation: Best Practices
Discover the art of customer support automation: blending efficiency with empathy, tech with the human touch. Learn actionable steps to master this balance and drive loyalty. Dive in!
Employee Onboarding 101: Best Practices for a Seamless Start
Unlock the secrets to successful employee onboarding. Expert insights, actionable steps, and the tools to ensure seamless integration. Dive in now!
Unraveling the True Cost of Onboarding a New Employee
Discover the hidden and tangible costs of onboarding a new employee. Dive into the real expenses, time factors, and tech solutions. Get a clear grip on your company’s finances. Receives Investment from Black Opal Ventures and K8 Capital to Accelerate Growth In Its No-Code App Development Platform, an AI-driven no-code platform that enables teams to build apps and tools without engineers, adds Black Opal Ventures and K8 Capital as its newest investors. The additional investment will support's growing demand from the healthcare sector.
Elevate Your Process with Top Employee Onboarding Software
Unlock success with the best employee onboarding software! Elevate your HR process, engage new hires effectively, and foster a thriving workplace.
Top 3 No-Code AI Tools To Get Started With
Learn what no-code AI is, how it can benefit your business, and the most popular no-code AI tools you can start using today.
Unlock Insights: A Comprehensive Guide to Data Analytics Dashboards
Unlock the power of data with analytics dashboards! Learn why they're essential for modern businesses, discover key components for effectiveness, and get actionable tips to optimize your data strategy. Ready to make informed decisions? Dive in.
Deciphering Data: Business Analytic Tools Explained
Explore top business analytic tools with our comprehensive guide. Unlock insights, drive growth, and outpace competitors. Start deciphering data now!
Web App Builders Decoded: 5 Key Features to Seek
Uncover the transformative power of web app builders in the digital age. Dive deep into game-changing features and make an informed choice for lasting business success.
Analytics in Financial Services: Techniques for Modern Organizations
Dive deep into analytics in financial services. Master modern techniques, transform decision-making, and lead in today's financial landscape. Discover more!
Choosing the Right Contract Management App: Best Practices
Discover the future of contract management with Blaze. Dive into a comprehensive guide on selecting the best contract management app. Elevate your business now!
Transforming Business with Process Automation: A Step-by-Step Guide
Uncover the transformative power of business process automation (BPA) and how it revolutionizes operations. Dive into BPA's benefits, insights, and journey to efficiency.
Case Study: Tempo Healthcare Marketplace
Tempo, an innovative healthcare marketplace, used Blaze to build their entire application. In this article, we speak with the Tempo founder on how Blaze helped turn her vision into reality.
Retail Master Data Management: Your Guide to Success
Master retail data management & transform challenges into success. Dive into actionable insights and see how Blaze can lead your strategy. Get a demo today! & Marz Agency Partner Together to Help Small Businesses Grow, a no-code platform, and Marz Agency, a creative digital marketing agency, have partnered together to help small and medium sized businesses grow.
Decoding HIPAA Compliance in No-Code App Development
Demystify HIPAA compliant app development with our insightful guide. Explore how no-code platforms streamline the process, ensuring full compliance and security.
No-Code AI Applications for Healthcare and Other Traditional Industries
With no-code AI tools like Blaze, people at organizations in traditional industries like healthcare, real estate, and professional services can now leverage AI to build tools that improve their work.
How Drag and Drop App Builders Are Revolutionizing Business Processes
Revolutionize your business with a drag and drop app builder! Discover how this cost-effective, user-friendly tool empowers you to create your dream app. Read on to learn more!
Unraveling the Mystery: What is a CRM in Real Estate?
Discover the answer to 'What is a CRM in Real Estate' in our comprehensive guide. Uncover how CRM streamlines operations, enhances relationships, and drives growth.
10 Essential Tips to Optimize Your Medical Inventory Management Using No-Code Software
Maximize efficiency in your healthcare organization with medical inventory management software. Discover how no-code solutions can revolutionize your inventory process!
Demystifying No-Code Retail CRM: Your Key to Success
Explore the power of No-Code Retail CRM. Unlock sales potential, streamline processes, and revolutionize customer relationships. Your key to success.
HIPAA Compliant Healthcare ERP: Essential Features Guide
Explore essential features of a HIPAA compliant healthcare ERP system to boost efficiency, secure patient data, and revolutionize your healthcare operations.
How to Streamline Client Management with a Custom No-Code Dashboard
Take control of your client management with a cutting-edge client dashboard. Simplify data management, optimize workflows, and make informed decisions.
How No-Code Tech Is Disrupting Traditional Industries (With Examples) |
No-code tech allows businesses to experience growth and innovation without sacrificing the time, money, and resources traditional development demands. Discover the incredible capabilities application builders like Blaze can offer businesses in traditional industries.
Mastering Financial Data Management: A Complete Guide
Unlock the secret to mastering financial data management! Dive into challenges, innovative solutions, and the power of no-code platforms like Blaze.
AI: The Future of Retail Inventory Management
Revolutionize your retail inventory management. Harness the power of AI, no-code platforms, and seamless integrations. Act now for a smarter future in retail!
How to Revolutionize Your Commercial Real Estate CRM
Revolutionize your commercial real estate CRM with Blaze. Boost efficiency, streamline processes, and close deals faster. Start your transformation today.
The Complete Guide to Building an Effective Internal Tool
Empower your business with no-code solutions. Discover how Blaze streamlines the creation of internal tools, driving productivity gains and long-term success.
Top 5 Benefits of No-Code/Low-Code for Healthcare Organizations
Learn the top 5 benefits of no-code/Low-code for healthcare. From low barrier to entry to faster time to market to reduced errors/redundancies, get a quick overview of how platforms like Blaze can supercharge your team.
What is an API? (Application Programming Interface) | Blaze
You'll learn everything about APIs, which stands for application programming interface. An API is a set of definitions and protocols used to develop and integrate applications. See how Blaze helps you use APIs.
Your Complete Guide to the No-Code Movement | Blaze
No-code tools allow people with no coding experience to build powerful websites, apps, and software at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional developer. There is no denying the no-code movement's staying power. This is your guide to making the most of it.
Guide to No-Code Machine Learning (AI) | Blaze
Discover the power of no-code machine learning with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to use AI models without writing code. Unleash your productivity!
How to Become a No-Code Startup | Blaze
Learn the secrets of launching a successful no-code startup with our comprehensive guide. From idea validation to scaling, we’ve got you covered.
Gartner's Low-Code Projections for 2023 | Blaze
Blaze is proud to be part of the worldwide market for low-code development technologies that is projected to total $26.9 billion in 2023, an increase of 19.6% from 2022.
Guide to Construction Management Procurement | Blaze
Learn about construction procurement management, and how you can use no-code software to easily build your own construction procurement applications. Launches and Raises $3.5 Million Pre-Seed Round for AI-Powered No-Code Software Development announces that it's raised $3.5 million from top VCs to fuel its growth in helping companies build software and apps without code.
Construction Management - Why Logistics is so Important
Learn about the importance of logistics in construction management and how you can use technology like Blaze to quickly and affordably build customized applications for any size construction project.
How to Convert a Website Into an App
Learn how to turn a website into an app with our step-by-step guide. We’ll cover the benefits, different options available, and the tools needed.
12 Ways to Better Manage Change at Your Workplace
Better handling change in the workplace can make a significant impact on your career and improve the experience of your team. We share 12 ways to manage change and optimize your success.
Freytag’s Pyramid – A Complete Guide | Blaze
Learn about Freytag's Pyramid and how it's used in storytelling and for education.
Become a Results Driven Employee Using These Four Steps
Stand out as an employee in your organization by leveraging technology like no-code tools. We give you actionable tips to demonstrate the strength of your performance and contributions to your employers.
Should you Buy or Build Software for Your Business? | Blaze
The no-code wave has forever changed the equation of building versus buying software. If you’re looking to buy or build business software, here are the factors to consider.
Application Software - What is it? (With Examples)
Application software assists users in carrying out a wide range of tasks to either increase productivity, enhance creativity, or facilitate cross-team communication. Learn about different applications and how to build your own.
What exactly is a low-code BPM platform? | Blaze
Taking advantage of a low-code BPM platform can help your organization better align on achieving strategic objectives and improve the use of resources, resulting in improved productivity and business outcomes.
EHS Management: Everything You Need to Know | Blaze
An EHS management system helps protect workers, the community, and the environment. Learn exactly what you need in your EHS system and how to select the best solution for your organization.
No Code Database Software in 2023 | Blaze
Thanks to the rise of no-code and low-code development, businesses are able to develop their own custom no code database software. Here’s how!
Build an App Without Coding - How Can You Do It?
You can absolutely build an app without coding. The best part? It’s actually affordable! Here’s the ultimate guide to using a no-code platform.
Quality Control in Construction – Complete Guide | Blaze
A quality management system is key to your success in construction. Learn the best practices for construction quality control and how to leverage technology into your process and planning.
Visual Programming – The Complete Guide | Blaze
Visual programming is the future of web application development. Learn in this article how you can build and customize web applications with Blaze.
How To Make a Web App | Blaze
Learn how to build your own web app today with the best tools available. In this guide, we show you the step-by-step on building and launching your app.
What are the types of power in leadership?
The power of leadership can be reflected in professional and personal settings. In this article, we’ll discuss the 6 different forms of power and how you can apply it to your organization.
Low-Code: The Complete Guide | Blaze
Explore the benefits, history, and use cases for low-code development. Get started with Blaze to accelerate digital transformation.
What You Need to Consider When Selecting a No-code Web App Builder
No-code platforms are in huge demand across sectors and a secret weapon for many companies seeking to build better and faster. In this article, we go in-depth on what to look for in selecting a no-code web app builder for your organization.
5 Must-Know Facts About Creating HIPAA-Compliant Apps
Architecting healthcare applications is a complex process and handling the technical side of things can be challenging. In this article, we'll cover how to build HIPAA-compliant web apps so that you can create patient portals, data management tools, clinic onboarding sites, and more while staying in compliance with privacy regulations.
A No-Code Approach and Strategy to Digital Transformations
Digital transformation can help your team improve operational efficiency and deliver better customer experiences. In this article, we'll explore how to use no-code tools to plan and implement your digital transformation.
What is a no-code database (and how do you make one)?
A database can be a complex and daunting task for even the most experienced developers. In this article, we'll show you how to create and manage a database from scratch without writing code! And build one from start to finish in less than 10 minutes. We'll also provide some tips on how to keep your database organized and efficient.
Quickly Build a Custom Inventory Management Tool with No Code
Learn how to quickly build a custom inventory management system for your team with no-code. Track stock levels, create automated inventory reports, and invite collaborators to help manage inventory.
How to Build a Web3 App with No Code
Blockchain technology is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth. Here’s everything you need to know to start building no-code web3 applications.
15 Game-Changing No-Code Sales Tools
Improve your team’s sales productivity and close rates with no-code sales tools. What previously required engineers to build, these no-code sales tools can now be built without writing any code so anyone on your team can create these tools.
Why Everyone Needs a No-Code SQL Admin Panel
You don’t have to master coding to create a SQL admin panel. Blaze offers a no-code solution to creating software for your team.
What Is Sales Content Management and Why Do You Need It?
A sales content management system is a valuable tool for your sales team, distributors, and partners. Learn what a sales content management system is and why you need it.
7 Must-Have Features to Build the Best Customer Portal
Not all customer portals are created equal. The great ones increase retention and renewal. Here are 7 must-have features for your customer portal to promote a positive customer experience.
4 Advantages of No-Code Software for Building Internal Tools
For anyone with no coding experience, the satisfaction of designing and constructing an app from the ground up is incomparable. Let Blaze take care of the coding and free up your engineers' time so you can focus on improving and delivering your vision as quickly as possible.
15 Creative No-Code Tools You Can Build
From project management tools to a beautiful, custom employee onboarding portal, there are so many amazing and exciting applications you can build with no-code. Let your entrepreneurial spirt shine.
Why We Built Blaze
In March 2021, we successfully sold our first company. My co-founders and I loved working together so much that we couldn't wait to start our next company. And this time, we decided to build the product we always wanted: Blaze.
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