How Drag and Drop App Builders Are Changing Business Processes

How Drag and Drop App Builders Are Changing Business Processes

Imagine this: You've got a game-changing app idea. You're certain it could revolutionize your business, but there's one catch – you don't know the first thing about coding.

Hiring a professional developer is expensive and time-consuming, yet the option of doing it yourself is just as costly. The sheer complexity of traditional app development, not to mention the hours of learning complex coding languages, feels like an insurmountable hurdle. 

Sound familiar?

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, this is a predicament many aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators find themselves in. But what if there was a simpler way?

Enter the world of drag and drop app builders.

These ingenious tools are quietly transforming the way we bring our app ideas to life. No longer do you need a computer science degree or deep pockets to hire a professional developer. With a drag and drop app builder, your dream app is just a few intuitive clicks and drags away.

Embracing these tools can turn you from a dreamer into a creator, powering your business growth. 

So, let's dive into the world of drag and drop app building and revolutionize your business operations one app at a time.

The Limitations of Traditional App Development

Traditional app development is much like learning a foreign language. It requires a deep understanding of complex coding languages, a proficiency that takes years to acquire. And for those without this expertise, the pathway to bringing your app ideas to life can seem impossibly steep.

But the complexity of code isn't the only hurdle. Traditional app development is also resource-intensive. From hiring skilled developers to investing in specialized software, the costs can quickly pile up. A simple app can cost anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000 to develop, and complex ones can run into the hundreds of thousands.

Then there's the issue of scalability. As your business grows, so does your app. Accommodating these changes can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

Security, too, poses a significant concern. Each line of code is a potential entry point for hackers, and ensuring your app is watertight requires continuous vigilance.

And remember the overwhelming feeling you had when faced with developing your own app? 

Well, that's a shared experience. In fact, 82% of businesses say it’s difficult to get and retain reliable software engineers to develop their apps.

Now, imagine if there was a tool that could circumnavigate all these challenges. A tool that's user-friendly, cost-effective, and able to transform your app idea into a reality without you writing a single line of code. 

Well, such a tool exists, and it's called a drag and drop app builder. Let's find out more about these no code tech tools.

drag and drop app builder business
Through Drag and Drop app builders, businesses are now able to rapidly develop and deploy applications, streamlining operations and driving innovation.

The Revolution: Understanding Drag and Drop App Builders

So, what's the magic behind drag and drop app builders that has everyone in the business world talking? Let's break it down.

Drag and drop app builders are innovative tools that allow you to create your own app without any coding knowledge. They provide an intuitive interface where you build your app visually by 'dragging' and 'dropping' different elements into place.

Here's how they work:

  • Choose a Template. Start by choosing from a selection of pre-designed templates. These templates come with a basic structure and design, allowing you to visualize your app from the get-go.

  • Customize Your App. This is where the 'drag and drop' part comes into play. You can add features like text, buttons, forms, and much more by simply dragging these elements from a menu and dropping them onto your internal app. If you use any 3rd party tools, now is the time to integrate them into your app.

  • Test Your App. Most drag and drop builders offer a preview function. This allows you to test your app, ensuring it works just the way you want it to before going live.

  • Publish. Once you're happy with your creation, you can invite team members to your internal tool. Assign user permissions such as Admin, Manager, and Author to ensure your collaborators have the appropriate access levels.  

The true beauty of drag and drop app builders lies in their simplicity and accessibility. 

You no longer need to be a coding guru or have a hefty budget to develop an app. With a few clicks and drags, you're now empowered to bring your app ideas to life. Let's dive deeper into why these builders are true game-changers in the app development world.

Why Drag and Drop App Builders are Game Changers

Drag and drop app builders are not just tools, they're game-changers. Here's why:

  • Cost-Effective: As we've mentioned, traditional app development can cost an arm and a leg. With drag and drop app builders, you can cut down these costs significantly. You're looking at subscriptions that start at $30 per month per internal user, a fraction of what you'd pay for a traditionally coded app.

  • Time-Saving: Remember the months, even years, it takes to learn coding or the time to brief, iterate, and finalize with a professional developer? With drag and drop builders, you can build a fully functional app in a matter of days or weeks. In a business world where time is money, this is a massive advantage.

  • Flexibility: These builders offer a range of templates and features, allowing you to customize your app to your heart's content. Want to add a new feature or tweak your design? It's as easy as a few clicks and drags. The best part? You can import your data from 3rd party tools you already use!

  • Empowerment: Perhaps the most significant advantage is the empowerment these builders offer. Anyone from your team, regardless of their technical know-how, can take the reins of app development. This democratizes the app-building process and fosters innovation within your organization.

Drag and drop app builders are leveling the playing field, making app development accessible to everyone. 

Whether you want to build a retail inventory management system, CRM for commercial real estate, or anything in-between, a no-code platform can help you build the perfect solution for your business.   

Now, let's see this in action with a real-world case study.

drag and drop builder business processes
Businesses like Serenity FORGE are leveraging the power of Drag and Drop app builders to revolutionize their processes, reducing time-to-market and increasing operational flexibility for users worldwide.

Case Study: Transforming Business Processes with Drag and Drop App Builders

Let's take these abstract benefits and root them in a real-life story.

 Meet Serenity Forge, a renowned video game developer and publisher. You may recognize some of their celebrated games on platforms like Nintendo, PlayStation, and XBox. They, like many businesses, faced a challenge: managing and tracking their game keys and the approval process for new key requests.

Serenity Forge needed a system that could do three main things:

  1. Enable team members and external individuals to claim game keys.
  2. Efficiently manage, add, and track all available game keys.
  3. Streamline the approval and rejection process for game key requests.

Enter Blaze, which is as easy to use as a drag and drop mobile app builder. With Blaze, Serenity Forge was able to construct an innovative and customized solution.

They designed a public form for key requests and a dashboard for tracking game keys in real-time. But the real game-changer was the automated workflow, which streamlined the process of approving or rejecting game key requests. Now, managers can see a complete history of distributed keys at a glance.

But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what Chris Souza, the Marketing Director at Serenity Forge, had to say:

"The accessibility of Blaze’s tool creation has been a phenomenal resource. Blaze allowed us to create a simplified solution to several time-consuming tasks that our team encounters on a weekly basis. By creating a customized platform for our exact needs, our team was able to steer our focus to more critical tasks and work more effectively."

drag and drop app builder dashboard
The real-life success story of Serenity Forge illustrates how Blaze's app builder can optimize even the most complex business processes, enabling teams to focus on critical tasks.

Blaze's user-friendly and professional tools, not to mention their notably helpful support team, earned high praise and recommendations from the Serenity Forge team.

So there you have it, a compelling success story of a business effectively using a drag and drop app builder to revolutionize its operations. 

But it's not just for game developers. 

Your business, too, can reap the benefits of drag and drop app builders. In the next section, we’ll provide some actionable tips on how to do just that. 

How to Optimize Your Business Processes with Drag and Drop App Builders 

Just like Serenity Forge revolutionized their game key management, your business too can transform its operations with drag and drop app builders. Here are a few actionable tips to get you started:

  1. Identify Your Pain Points. The first step is understanding your business processes that are ripe for automation or simplification. Could be managing customer queries, tracking inventory, or scheduling appointments – like Serenity Forge, find your 'game keys'.

  2. Choose the Right App Builder. Look for a drag and drop app builder that fits your needs. It should be user-friendly, offer robust customer support, and allow for customization to fit your specific business processes.

  3. Experiment and Iterate. Don't be afraid to test, learn, and adjust. Your first app may not be perfect, but with drag and drop builders, you can continually tweak and improve.

Remember, with these builders, you're not just creating an app; you're simplifying and automating your business operations to save time, money, and effort. Now, let's address a concern that might be on your mind – security.

Security and Compliance in Drag and Drop App Builders

One potential concern when using drag and drop app builders like Blaze might be about security. 

However, Blaze offers robust enterprise security and compliance. 

With features like advanced user permissions and HIPAA compliance, Blaze ensures that your business can scale while keeping security as a top priority. So, whether you're managing thousands of game keys or sensitive healthcare data, with Blaze, you can have peace of mind.

Embracing the Future of Business Processes

From the growing popularity of drag and drop app builders to the rise of platforms like Blaze that provide enterprise-level security, it's clear we're witnessing a revolution in app development. 

Gone are the days when creating an app required complex coding knowledge and resources. Today, anyone with an idea and a need can create an app that simplifies and automates business processes.

So why wait? 

It's time to turn your idea into reality. Request a demo with Blaze, and explore the endless possibilities that drag and drop app builders bring to the table. With the right tools in your hands, the future of business processes is yours to shape.