Blaze x Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge is a video game maker and publisher that's created some of the most celebrated games on Nintendo, PlayStation, and XBox. They built an app in Blaze to manage all their game keys and an automated workflow to approve new key requests.

serenity forge app dashboard by blaze

Data & Product Management App

The Need :
  • Enable team members and external people to claim game keys
  • Be able to manage, add, and track all available game keys
  • A way to approve and reject game key requests
The Solution :
  • Custom form available to the public and team members to request keys for specific games
  • Dashboard to track all available game keys and be able to add easily load in new game keys
  • A workflow that enables managers to approve and reject game key requests and view history of game keys given out
no code Data & Product Management App
Blaze Serenity Forget case study product management
Serenity Ford game keys Blaze

The accessibility of Blaze’s tool creation has been a phenomenal resource.

Blaze allowed us to create a simplified solution to several time consuming tasks that our team encounters on weekly basis. By creating a customized platform for our exact needs, our team was able steer our focus to more critical tasks and work more effectively.

We recommend Blaze to any team looking for user-friendly and professional web tools with a notably helpful support team. We’ve had a wonderful experience working alongside the Blaze team and look forward to expanding the use of our tools over the next year.

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The Solution

Here's How Serenity Forge Uses Blaze

Dashboard of Game Key Data

Serenity Forge's team has a real-time view of all available game keys for each of their games. They can search their key database by games, region, and platform.

dashboard management app Blaze Serenity Forge

Custom Form to Submit Key Requests

  • Embed form into your website
  • Automatically create an Approval Workflow inside Blaze to approve requests
Serenity Forge case use study with Blaze Tech

Admin Portal

Admins are alerted of new Key Requests and can view all submitted info. Once they choose "Approve" or "Deny" request, an email is automatically sent to the requester to let them know the status of their request.

The Serenity Forge team is able to see an audit log of all key requests and see who approved or denied any requests.

Data & Product Management App Blaze

How to build this in Blaze

Like what you see here? Here are the components inside of Blaze used to build this app.
calculator icon


Use formulas to automatically add or deduct game keys that have been claimed or uploaded. Calculate total game keys for each game, platform, and region.

user management online app


Set different user permissions. Only managers can approve game key requests.

grid logo


All game key data, with hundreds of thousands of rows of data, are stored in Blaze Tables, a no-code database.

Action Buttons icon

Action Buttons

Enable users to submit game key requests, batch claim keys, approve or reject requests, and add new keys.

Audit Log logo

Audit Log

Automatically track which user approved/denied any game key requests. Audit log of all claimed game keys.

drag and drop app builder


Create different forms to allow team members, influencers and streamers, and media outlets to request game keys.

workflow automation


Create automated workflows for approving or rejecting game key requests.

email Blaze Tech no-code

Email & Texts

Send automated email alerts and notifications to the requester when their game request has been approved.

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