Blaze x Shipdudes

Shipdudes is a third-party logistics company that warehouses and ships products for next-gen e-commerce brands. They used Blaze to build their entire inventory management system.

warehouse inventory management system

A Comprehensive Inventory Management System

The Need :
  • Efficient way of tracking inventory that could integrate with Shopify.
  • Due to the nature of some of the clients' products, a need a way to track multiple components within the same product.
The Solution :
  • Easily customize inventory dashboards for each client and create new users Mapping all components to individual products.
  • Tracking inventory levels of both the components and the finished products.
  • A restocking inventory workflow that has saved the ShipDudes team hours each day.
web based inventory management software system
warehouse inventory management system
inventory management software
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John Melizanis


Blaze has been a game-changer.

Blaze allowed us to seamlessly integrate with all of our Shopify stores and automated the inventory counting process for us. We can now automatically track all inventory components for all our clients on one dashboard. Blaze has saved us hours each day and countless headaches with inaccurate inventory numbers.

In fact, it's been so successful that we now sell our Blaze tool to other third-party logistics companies.

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The Solution

Here's How Shipdudes Uses Blaze

Monitor Inventory

Shipdudes and their clients have a custom dashboard that shows their inventory levels for both products and components used for each product.

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Restock and Add New Products

  • Add new products, track restock shipments, and manage Shopify SKUS.
  • Map out components that go into each product and categorize products.
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Client Portal

Clients login to their custom portal to view their dashboard and inventory levels, restock items, and add notes to specific shipments.

Shipdudes and their client can easily communicate with one another in the inventory portal, enabling them to store notes on products and shipments in one centralized place.

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How to build this in Blaze

Like what you see here? Here are the components inside of Blaze used to build this app.
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Use formulas to automatically deduct multiple inventory items at once when a shipment is made. Calculate total inventory for each component.

user management online app


Set different user permissions. ShipDudes' team can see all Client accounts. Clients see only their information.

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Show inventory levels, restock levels, and other data in tables that you can edit.

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Action Buttons

Enable users to submit new orders, pull orders, and add product items and categories.

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Integration with Shopify to automatically update inventory manager with orders shipped.

drag and drop app builder


Create forms to submit new orders and shipments and add notes to orders.

Shipstation icon


Integration with ShipStation to automatically pull in shipping rates and calculate taxes.

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Create automated workflows for restocking and shipping items.

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Send automated email alerts and notifications. Customize the triggers for the alerts.

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Graphs and Charts

Visualize data with beautiful graphs and charts.

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