The Inside Scoop: Blaze Acquires No Code No Problem

The Inside Scoop: Blaze Acquires No Code No Problem
No Code No Problem

We’re super excited to announce that we acquired the popular no-code learning platform, NoCodeNoProblem! A number of folks in the community wanted to know more about why we acquired them so we wanted to answer your questions. We did a quick Q&A with Blaze’s Co-CEO, Nanxi Liu, to get the inside scoop.

About Blaze

Blaze is one of the fastest growing no-code platforms. Our platform gives users intuitive drag-and-drop tools to create internal and customer-facing web applications. Build awesome tools like admin panels, customer portals, inventory management systems, and custom dashboards. 

About No Code No Problem

No Code No Problem podcasts and videos have over 1 million views as they strive to empower non-technical people to build companies or internal applications without writing a single line of code. Over the past 3 years, No Code No Problem has emerged as a leading player in the no-code ecosystem as the first established no-code Tik Tok, one of the first podcasts in the space, and hosting the first east coast events with hundreds of attendees at venues like the Microsoft Headquarters in NYC.

“We’re proud of the community of no-coders we’ve built and are excited that Blaze is committed to supporting the movement with more content, resources, and tools. I’ve been impressed with both the enterprise companies and solo, non-technical founders that have been able to build apps with Blaze and save on engineering time and costs,” said Ryan Myher, the Founder of No Code No Problem.

Q&A with Blaze’s CEO on the acquisition

Why did you acquire No Code No Problem?

It boils down to three main reasons. One, we’re on the same mission to help people build great tools and applications without writing code. Two, we share a similar brand personality in that we build awesome products and we like to have fun in the process and not take ourselves too seriously. Three, and most importantly, No Code No Problem has a great founder and leader, Ryan Myher, that we really wanted to work with.

What do you think about the founder behind No Code No Problem?

My co-founders and I are big fans of Ryan and the community he's built. We think he's done a great job creating authentic content and a voice that aligns with Blaze's personality. We also like the engagement from individuals in the NCNP community and felt there was a great following.

What made you pick No Code No Problem over other podcasts and communities in the industry? 

In our research, we came across many podcasts and no-code communities and we were the most impressed with NCNP. As I mentioned earlier, the founder fit was a top priority. We asked ourselves, “Is this a person we can learn from and have achieved things we couldn't on our own?” “Is this a person we trust to get things done and be a leader that represents our company?” “Is this person one of the best at what they do?” For Ryan, the answer was Yes for all three questions. 

What metrics did you evaluate?

Metrics we looked at were the number of followers across the NCNP online properties (TikTok, Twitter, Podcast), engagement, amount of content created, and many qualitative aspects such as quality of content, relevant topics, community feedback, and future growth strategy.

How will No Code No Problem be operating post-acquisition? 

With the acquisition, No Code No Problem will continue to be a top destination for those looking to learn more about the no-code space. Blaze and No Code No Problem will work together to push the space forward and create more awareness around the value internal tools provide.

We love what's been built at NCNP so naturally, Ryan will continue leading the community and championing its continued growth. 

What do you look for in future acquisitions?

1) Great team building the company. 2) Great engagement with its users, customers, or community. 3) Trusted voice in the space.

NCNP did a fantastic job showing their true passion and excitement for no-code in all of their content and interactions with the community online. That really matched the enthusiasm our team has for no-code and made us love the brand. Ryan also went out of his way to introduce us to potential customers even before the acquisition and that impressed us.

How much did you pay for No Code No Problem? 

Although we aren’t sharing the exact dollar figure, what I can say is that we weren’t the highest offer they received and we also weren’t their lowest. We acquired the company for a combination of cash and stock in Blaze. Ryan shared with me that he believed Blaze would be the best home to grow No Code No Problem. We loved that he chose to be long-term invested in Blaze by receiving most of the acquisition price via Blaze stock. 

What are you most excited about with the No Code No Problem and the Blaze merger?

So many things! Excited about great new content on the No Code No Problem podcast and social media channels to help our community build. We’re publishing many new How-to videos on no-code tools and interviews with founders. I’m also looking forward to hosting in-person events for the community!