What Is Sales Content Management and Why Do You Need It?

What Is Sales Content Management and Why Do You Need It?
Sales Content Management
Example Document Portal built in Blaze that houses thousands of sales & marketing content that is easily searchable

A sales content management system is a valuable tool for anyone in sales. Some estimations show that upwards of 81% of marketers use content as their primary marketing strategy. Keep reading to learn what a sales content management system is and why you should be using one.

What is a sales content management system?

Blaze offers a no-code sales content management system and digital asset management (DAM). These systems allow you to create, store, and deliver your content conveniently and efficiently. It’s an effective way to organize sales collateral on your website or across your entire organization. 

Sales collateral you can use on your CMS:

  • Sales playbook
  • Educational content
  • Multimedia
  • Blogs
  • Templates and scripts
  • Branding guidelines
  • Win-wires

Any content you use to promote your product or solution can be added to your sales content management system. For the best results, your system should be easily accessible and reflect your group’s goals.

5 reasons why you need a sales content portal

1. Relevant content

Numerous studies show that people increasingly expect content to be personalized to their interests. Sales happen when we are able to target a specific buyer persona at a given stage of their customer journey. Without an organized content management system, salespeople will spend considerably more time looking for the right content.

2. Boost productivity

Improve productivity by spending less time storing and organizing content, and spending more time selling. Without a system, you need to download the content and re-upload it for delivery. A sales content and digital asset management system also allows you to automate permissions, who can access content, and how it is delivered.

3. Branding consistency

Having a simplified content management system that everyone can use will also help keep your branding consistent. When sales is too disconnected from sales collateral, it makes it more challenging to maintain a unified image. 

4. Success tracking

Track and understand how your sales content is being used. This is one of the strongest benefits of having a sales CMS because it can quickly tell you what is or isn’t working. Using this information, you can guide your marketing team to create more compelling content.

5. Audit content

A sales content management system is also essential because it allows marketers to audit sales collateral to ensure that branding and selling points are up-to-date. When salespeople use old content, it can project different messages to leads, creating a bad look for your brand.

No-code Digital Asset Management

With the Blaze no-code solution, you can spend more time customizing your system to the needs of your organization. Focus on the why behind your content, how it will be used, and the insights that serve as the best success indicators. 

Coding and programming languages are often a barrier to people on the creative side of sales. Our no-code solution also improves the usability of your content management system because it will be accessible to everyone in your organization. Try Blaze today to see why we're the smarter no-code software.

FAQ on Sales Content Management

Q1. What is sales content management?

Sales content management is organizing and storing all the materials and information that sales people use to sell products, like brochures, presentations, and videos, so they can easily find and use them.

Q2. Why is sales content management important?

Sales content management is important because it helps sales teams find the right information quickly, making it easier for them to do their job and close deals faster.

Q3. What types of content are included in sales content management?

Sales content management includes things like product brochures, case studies, presentations, videos,pricing sheets, and email templates that sales people use to communicate with customers.

Q4. How does sales content management help sales teams?

Sales content management helps sales teams by keeping everything organized in one place, making it easy to find and share the right materials with customers, and ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date information.

Q5. What tools are used for sales content management?

Tools used for sales content management include software platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft SharePoint. These tools help organize, store, and share sales materials efficiently.

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