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SQL Admin Panel

SQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL admin consoles have never been so easy to create and edit. Use our visual editor to combine and search your customer data, search for orders, and update contact info all with no-code.

SQL Admin Panel

Build internal tools. Fast and easy.

No more coding interfaces from scratch, trying to figure out access controls, or working with
tricky UI. Blaze lets you ship out apps in minutes.
best crm software
best crm software
best crm software

What’s Possible?

Connect into any external data source (your sales CRM, your database, etc) and be able to edit and update that data without writing any code. Create custom SQL interfaces for anyone on your team and share only what's needed.
Tables : Drag and drop tables
Forms : Create Forms
Forms : Create Forms
User access. Fully control and customize who can view, edit, and delete data in your app.

What our customers have to say

From startups to Fortune 500s, the world's most effective teams use Blaze to
power their internal apps.

“Blaze allowed us to seamlessly integrate  all of our Shopify stores and automated the inventory counting process for us. We now keep track of all inventory on one dashboard.”

John Melizanis


“We've tried a lot of no-code and low-code platforms. Blaze is by far the best and the one we're sticking with. because its actually no-code required and secure .

Jon Maroko

VP, Kwell Labs

“We built the exact dashboard and admin panel we needed to manage and update our customer billing info and transactions.”

Lillian Xiong

director, spectrum retirement communities

“Simply put, Incredible. The team has worked with me personally to make sure my needs are met and the builder is fantastic.”

Ryan Myher

CEO, Fable

“Simply put, Incredible. The team has worked with me personally to make sure my needs are met and the builder is fantastic.”

Ryan Myher

CEO, Fable

Pre-Built Integrations

Whatever database you want to pull from, we’ve got the pre-built integrations to easiliy bring
it into Blaze.

If you can describe it, you can build it.

Whatever it is that you and your team want to build to improve your productivity,
communication, and opertions, Blaze has the toolset for you to make it real.
retail inventory management

Document Portal

Create a professional document portal that
organizes all your sales brochures, spec sheets, and product images.

inventory stock management

Product Launch Management

Launch new products seamlessly. Assign tasks for teammates, gather all the information in one place, and easily lookup your prior launch materials.

data analytics dashboard

Inventory Management

Provide real-time visibility and analytics on inventory to your team. Create an automated and fully custom system so you know when to restock.

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