Gets Investment for No-Code App Growth Gets Investment for No-Code App Growth
no-code low code platform's no-code platform is popularly used by healthcare companies to build HIPIAA-compliant apps and tools

LOS ANGELES, October 3, 2023 --, the rapidly growing AI-driven no-code platform that’s revolutionizing the way teams build apps and tools, announced that Black Opal Ventures and K8 Capital have invested in the company. This brings the total funding of the company to $5 million. This additional funding enables Blaze to support the strong demand from the healthcare sector using the platform to build HIPAA-compliant, mission-critical software that enhances patient care and drives operational efficiencies.

Blaze has set itself apart from other no-code platforms by enabling users to create highly custom, complex, and secure applications that would otherwise only be possible with using code. Traditionally, the development and deployment of these healthcare web applications have been time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring a team of skilled developers and extensive coding knowledge. However, Blaze’s no-code platform disrupts this status quo, offering a user-friendly and intuitive way to build for traditional industries. 

Healthcare organizations are able to build applications that integrate with different electronic health record (EHR) systems and create patient portals, scheduling tools, intake forms, and data management systems. Blaze provides out-of-the-box enterprise security capabilities like automated audit logs, Single Sign-On (SSO), and advanced user permissions. As a result, Blaze’s platform drastically reduces development time, allowing healthcare companies to quickly deploy secure web applications and respond rapidly to changing market demands.

“Since launching this year, we’ve seen tremendous adoption in healthcare and other compliance-oriented industries,” said Nanxi Liu, Co-CEO of Blaze. “With Black Opal Ventures’ unique healthcare expertise and K8 Capital’s strategic network, Blaze is well positioned to be a no-code platform leader.”

“Our Blaze AI assistant empowers our users to easily and effectively configure custom apps using natural language,” said Tina Wojcik, Co-CEO of Blaze. “We’re excited to partner with Black Opal Ventures and K8 Capital to accelerate our AI capabilities and the number of organizations we serve.”

“Nanxi and Tina are phenomenal. We believe Blaze’s HIPAA-compliant no-code platform will revolutionize the healthcare industry,” said Eileen Tanghal, Co-Founder and General Partner at Black Opal Ventures.
"Blaze’s exemplary execution and profound domain expertise, evidenced by their team’s proven track record in constructing robust B2B solutions, provide them with a distinctive edge in the creation of a no-code, AI-enabled solution that thoroughly addresses enterprise-level pain points. Blaze's outstanding customer traction thus far is also a testament to their effectiveness and potential,” said Andre Koo Jr., Founding Partner at K8 Capital.

About is the smarter no-code platform that’s revolutionizing the way teams build web apps and tools. Blaze’s AI-powered platform improves operations and productivity by enabling non-technical people to build and launch custom software in minutes, without writing any code. From HIPAA-compliant healthcare apps to automated workflows to dashboards, Blaze’s easy-to-use builder has pre-built integrations, security, and reliability. 

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About Black Opal Ventures

Black Opal Ventures is a New York-based venture capital fund focused on the intersection of healthcare and technology. The fund is founded by Tara Bishop and Eileen Tanghal. Tara was previously Chief Medical Officer for Surest, formerly called Bind Benefits, a UnitedHealthcare company. Eileen was previously a Managing Director of IQT, the strategic investor for the CIA and broader US intelligence community. Black Opal Ventures invests in seed and early stage startups.

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K8 Capital is an early-stage, solo-GP Venture Capital fund that capitalizes on the institutionalized resources of the Koo Family. Notably, K8 possesses the unique advantage of a Fund of Funds (FOF) DNA, which allows for the emulation of the value generation and preferential access commonly associated with a FOF, while bypassing the drawbacks such as double fees and indirect founder relationships. K8 has cultivated a partner ecosystem comprising both startup founders and Venture Capital managers to optimize deal flow and forge value on fundraising & business development efforts for their portfolio companies. 

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