Become a Results Driven Employee Using These Four Steps

The Wall Street Journal says that economic stress makes employers worried about hiring new employees. Employers often fear wasting money and putting their businesses at risk. Because of this, they search for the perfect candidate with proven results in their career. More than ever, employers are seeking results driven employees that can demonstrate their capabilities in quantifiable ways.  

Becoming a results oriented employee should be a priority for those in the workforce. To gain an advantage and to grow your career, using the right tools and technologies is crucial. Luckily, more employers and workers are now adapting these types of tools at a rapid pace. These tools and the right employees can help organizations reach their goals faster and more cost-effectively. 

Although technologies that help display OKRs, KPIs, and other custom dashboards are growing, the majority of these tools require people to use high-code or low-code processes that are difficult to set up without coding knowledge. In response, we created Blaze, a no-code application that requires no software skills to use. Blaze’s platform enables you to build tools like product launch tracking, automated workflows, customer onboarding, inventory management, document management, and dashboards. Our platform gives you the power to track and measure your progress so you can reach more goals. 

In this article, we’ll show four awesome ways Blaze will transform your tasks into career results-driven data.

1. Show Off Your Product Metrics and Endorsements with a Product Management Dashboard

If you’ve been on the launching end of a product, then you know how much work it is. So many moving parts make it easy to get lost if everyone is using different applications. At Blaze, we combat this with our Product Management dashboard.

 The dashboard includes a variety of product management tools. For instance, you can use a color-coordinated task calendar for a visual display of the month ahead. Additionally, you can see a graph of the progress your team has made organized by product or by day. There are also tabs that tell you the percentage of completion towards your goals. 

If you’re a supervisor, check the dashboard to see your team's progress. If you’re a team member, use the dashboard to see the progress of the bigger picture of what you’re working towards. The dashboard will help you make confident and intentional decisions.

2. Measure Your Performance Metrics with a Customer Success Dashboard

Understanding the performance metrics of a product is necessary for customer satisfaction. But, performance metrics is a general term for a wide set of data that needs organizing. If you’re involved in startup culture especially, you may not have a detailed customer database. Because of this, you may be struggling with seeing your product's metrics come together. 

We make customer data easy to understand with our Customer Success Dashboard.  The dashboard organizes data from sales CRM, customer support tools, and other sites. Additionally, it has organized lists with information like products bought, email marketing numbers, conversion rates, click-through-rates, and more. 

Seeing all this data is important. And we know that a big part of customer success is interacting with customers. For connecting with customers, you can build a customer chat platform. With this platform, you can chat with customers about their orders, questions, and concerns. When chatting with a customer, you can see their contact information, order details, and more. As a result, you can be more efficient with your work by spending time improving your products based on the feedback you receive.

3. Present Your Case Studies with a Document Portal

Brochures, spec sheets, and product images are what show off a product. If you have a diverse group of clients, you want to make sure each document matches their goals. Organizing and editing each document can be time-consuming. Instead, we want you to easily create variations of marketing displays, so we created the Document Portal. 

The Document Portal is where you can store your case studies and other marketing materials. You can easily upload all of your documents at the same time from a separate database. Blaze will understand and do the organizing. Our Document Portal can be organized by document type, file type, industry, language, and more. 

You can also allow anyone on your team to access these documents, so your team will literally always be on the same page. With organized marketing documents, you will always be prepared for client meetings. 

4. If You Can Describe It, You Can Build It

Leveraging technology like, you can become the tech-expert and product builder on your team even without knowing how to code. With, you are able to build software without writing code. Our motto is “If you can describe it, you can build it”, so you don’t have to use only the ideas we suggested above. Create your own based on your imagination! 

If you want inspiration, check out our No-Code Gallery. The gallery has visual examples of dashboards that will get your ideas flowing. While you’re there, check out our Customer Story. You’ll see how Shipdudes, a third party logistics company, used Blaze for their results-driven goals. 

Being results driven is not just about a product. It's about how you conquer challenges and create solutions. With Blaze, you can show your current or next employer that you have evidence backing up your results-driven attitude. Not only did you complete all your tasks, but your results-oriented mind led you to Blaze’s no-code solutions to productivity, communication, and operational goals within your company.

Your Next Step

Now is the perfect time to hone in on the results you can offer your organization. With high employee turnover rates and economic struggles, employers want the best, so we want to help you be the best. Learning new codes is tedious and takes away from your progress. We built Blaze because we are entrepreneurs with a passion for improving companies by using simple no-code tools. 

Click here to request a demo of Blaze and see how you can drive results for your team.

No-code with Blaze also provides you with enterprise-level security. All of our tools are HIPAA compliant and always monitored for threats and breaches. All of our employees pass a background check and go through training. We also never allow vendors to use Blaze without screening them first.

We specialize in improving internal operations, so we are always here to help. We will help answer questions at any step in the process and even give you hands-on support if needed. 

Supercharge your productivity and become a results driven employee today!